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Transit advertising placed in or on modes of public transportation or in public transportation areas. Especially with advancement of infrastructure & easy transportation facilities in India, transit advertisement media has become a crucial mode of engaging mass audiences through innovative ads. Such ads can be placed anywhere on the sides or back or may be in front of buses, trains and taxis, to inside metros and trains, inside bus stations and near train or bus platforms.

Day after day people started spending more time outside their home and less time in the home. Because of that outdoor advertising plays an important role to create a message or brand awareness in people’s eyes. Hoardings can be an effective way to create brand visibility or product recognition with traveling consumers. Although the cost to design and manufacture a Hoarding can be expensive, the exposure earned from the advertising begins just the minute after installation. Our advertising agencies branches are in Pune, Aurangabad, expanding in more cities.

iingenious marketing has team of experts that will create the best transit media solutions which will not only ensure the visibility but also the brand awareness. This is only because we create advertisement keeping in mind the ease of visibility, commuter’s average time of passing advertisement & creating interactive and informative content. Here we study the product or services our client offers and try to give them the best solution in transit media thereby distinguishing ourselves among other online marketing websites.

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