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Search Engine Marketing

Needless to say in today’s competitive world “Seeing is believing”. Here at ingenious marketing we offer an one stop solution for Search engine marketing to our clients proposing the most innovative and promising online Advertising solutions. These helps our clients to create a strong brand presence for new brand, rejuvenate existing brand and making a long lasting impression on customer’s mind.
You need to make sure your website is created properly and also appearing on most of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & more. For that you need which ever option you may need to choose whether it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC), investing in search engine marketing can increase your organic reach on search engines. And that is where ingenious marketing can help you.Whether your potential customers are in India or global, We provide you efficient search engine marketing services.

Search Engine Marketing |Search Engine Marketing

Everyone deserves genuine Marketing Consulting for business like we expect it from doctors for health. Half knowledge of any skill could be dangerous and if you are paying to such people that’s just not worth doing Advertising. We make you reach your advertising goals and converts into sales/conversion.


CPC/PPC Campaigns (Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click)

Any starts their hunt with search engines and it appears to millions of searches a day. What if your website isn’t ranking on all keywords in the first position. Our Expert and certified professional can make you achieve your online goal.
google advertising with Cost per click or Pay Per Click (PPC) is the better choice not only gives you access to your target group But you can reach to relevant customers. This is a trending advertising medium nowadays and cheaper than traditional advertising as you only pay for the clicks you get. Pay Per Click campaigns can be designed according to your display network criteria to generate leads. These leads can further be re-targeted.
We can create and run targeted google advertising campaigns on different networks like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Being Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing certified, we can make a strategy using banner ads, landing pages to ensure the best return on investment.​

PPC |Search Engine Marketing
Paid ads Management | Search Engine Marketing

Paid ads Management

Techniques & technology for google advertising campaign management made by our expert team maximize returns within value constraints, Whether you are small or big it maximizes results within budget. Communicate directly with data analysts who understand your business objectives and priorities, but also have deep expertise in paid search technology and data analysis.

Measure success with Search Engine Marketing

It’s difficult to measure ROI in traditional advertising even it’s costlier, Google adwords is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads cost money only when someone clicks on your ad. Most importantly, Our Search Engine marketing experts through Google AdWords enables to track the success of your ads. Your business can thus calculate the return on investment of ads against business objectives or goals.
With AdWords, you can measure success by monitoring the statistics in your account. Understanding key statistics enables you to know if your AdWords account is working for your business and whether you need to refine your advertising campaigns for better performance..

SEM |Search Engine Marketing
Google Analytics | Search Engine Marketing

Google Analytic and Conversion Tracking

We setup a separate Google analytics accounts for each client our dedicated team member will handle and give solution that enables you to dissect data about visitors to your site – how they found your site, what pages they’re viewing and how long they’re staying.

We understand how leads are important and our advance performance tracking keep an eye on conversions & monitoring account performance. With Conversion Tracking, you can see the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, as evidenced by which clicks convert into meaningful actions.

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